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Welcome by Rev. Valson Thampu

Over its history, St. Stephen’s College has simultaneously deepened and extended its educational mission while consolidating its academic strength and societal relevance. As the landscape of employment evolves beyond administration and the professions, the need for world-class business and entrepreneurship education has become increasingly critical. St. Stephen’s Institute for Management Excellence is our response to that need.

Our vision for the Institute is influenced by two cardinal trends: the global integration of the Indian economy, and the ever-increasing supply/demand gap in management education. To translate our vision into reality, I brought on board Silicon Valley-based Mudrika Education, Inc. Created and led by a St. Stephen’s College alumnus, Mudrika is exclusively focused on establishing and growing the Institute.

We are also pleased to be working with the Jesse H Jones School of Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Jones School is among the most globally-oriented business schools in the USA. Its faculty have led the Institute’s program design, and will play a key instructional role

Even as St. Stephen’s Institute begins to take flight, this strong collaborative team and vision positions us at the forefront of practice-oriented management education in India. Join us!

St. Stephen's College
Established in 1881, St. Stephen's College is among the first affiliated colleges of Delhi University. Its alumni have distinguished themselves on the national scene, in arts and sciences, in commerce and the professions, in politics and the law, and in education and military service. But perhaps St. Stephen's is best known for having produced a remarkably high number of India's civil administrators.
As the Indian corporate sector has become more prominent in recent decades, alumni have increasingly gravitated towards the study of management through postgraduate programs such as MBAs. SSIME represents the college's initiative to contribute to the education of India's corporate stakeholders via a more direct channel.
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