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Sanjay Saigal,
Executive Director, St. Stephen’s Institute
The need for professional managers has never been higher. But even today, professional accreditation among managers is the exception rather than the rule. Naturally, mid-career managers in India often find their professional challenges outstripped their formal training.Mudrika’s training programs turn experiential managers into world-class professionals.We established Mudrika with the vision of offering every ambitious mid-career manager access to world-class practice-oriented business training in India…



Rev. Valson Thampu,
Principal, St. Stephen’s College
Over its history, St. Stephen’s College has simultaneously deepened and extended its educational mission while consolidating its academic strength and societal relevance. As the landscape of employment evolves beyond administration and the professions, the need for world-class business and entrepreneurship education has become increasingly critical. St. Stephen’s Institute is our response to that need.Our vision for the Institute is influenced by two cardinal trends: the global integration of the Indian economy, and the ever-increasing supply/demand gap in management education…



Welcome from
D. Brent Smith,
Jones School of Business,
Rice University
I am excited to welcome you to the Accelerated Development Program (ADP) at the newly established St. Stephen’s Center for Management Excellence. When the opportunity to teach business management at St. Stephen’s was first discussed, my reaction was extremely positive. I knew of its high academic reputation among India’s undergraduate colleges and its remarkable alumni record in administration and business. But what especially triggered my interest was its strength in economics and related disciplines such as mathematics and history…